Reserve a luxury Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi

The speed at which you travel compared to the speed of an automobile or bus is more enjoyable and convenient, particularly in the case of travelling with family, friends, or colleagues from work. This isn’t a problem, as with buses, and the space is greater for vehicles. We have a wide selection of well-maintained and clean automobiles, so we can guarantee a pleasant and smooth journey for every celebration. You could have an evening out with the family, an excursion for the company, or even a weekend excursion. Large, air-conditioned Tempo Travelers can accommodate any size group. Our professional and courteous drivers will be punctual and safe and will ensure you have a comfortable travel experience. You can use our online platform to make bookings, and you can get in touch with our customer service team for individualized help. Pick us to receive the most cost-effective tempo traveller on rent in Delhi. We’ll accompany you on an unforgettable journey across the nation. Imagine My Tours provides custom itinerary plans as well as temporary traveller rental services in the city of Delhi but all over North India. We provide details on every location and provide information about the best restaurants, as well as locations to shop. A tempo traveller on rent in Delhi gives you the chance to engage in discussions with fellow passengers and spend a pleasant time with your family or other friends. Our amiable and knowledgeable staff will see to it that you have a safe and enjoyable trip across India.

Dream My Tour | Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi | All Types Categories

9 Seater Tempo Traveller

Seat : 9 Passengers + 1 Driver

Starting Fare Per Km : Rs 23

Driving Charges : Rs. 500/- (Per Day)

Minimum PerDay K.m Charges: 250 K.m (Per Day) Extra All Tax, Parking

Facility : AC, Push back Seat, Music system

12 Seater Tempo Traveller

Seat : 9 Passengers + 1 Driver

Starting Fare Per Km : Rs 23

Driving Charges : Rs. 500/- (Per Day)

Minimum PerDay K.m Charges: 250 K.m (Per Day) Extra All Tax, Parking

Facility : AC, Push back Seat, Music system

17 Seater Tempo Traveller

Seat : 17 Passengers + 1 Driver

Starting Fare Per Km : Rs 26

Driving Charges : Rs. 500/- (Per Day)

Minimum PerDay K.m Charges: 250 K.m (Per Day) Extra All Tax, Parking

Facility : AC, Push back Seat, Music system

20 Seater Tempo Traveller

Seat : 20 Passengers + 1 Driver

Starting Fare Per Km : Rs 26

Driving Charges : Rs. 500/- (Per Day)

Minimum PerDay K.m Charges: 250 K.m (Per Day) Extra All Tax, Parking

Facility : AC, Push back Seat, Music system

26 Seater Tempo Traveller

Seat : 26 Passengers + 1 Driver

Starting Fare Per Km : Rs 27

Driving Charges : Rs. 700 /- (Per Day)

Minimum PerDay K.m Charges: 250 K.m (Per Day) Extra All Tax, Parking

Facility : AC, Push back Seat, Music system

Benefits of Our Tempo Travellers

Rent Tempo Traveller Most Trusted and Well know Tempo Traveller Company in Rohini Delhi For All Types of AC/Non AC Rental Tempo Traveller Services.

  1. We Have Own Luxury Tempo Traveller in Rohini Delhi.
  2. Our All Tempo Traveller Are Well in Condition and Maintended.
  3. We Sanitize Our Tempo Traveller Before and After Every Trip.
  4. Our All Driver Are Especially Trained For Tourist and Good in Behaviors.
  5. Our Promising Pricing are Best Deal For You.
  6. Door to Door Pickup and Drop Service.

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Tempo traveller on rent in Delhi | Dream My Tour 

Travelling is always a common pastime among those who live in Delhi. Inhabitants can hire the tempo traveller on rent in Delhi since it’s cheap and simple. It’s simple to book a tempo traveller in Delhi via the Dream My Tour website. Finding a tempo car for rental in Delhi is simple because the number of tempo travellers has increased significantly in Delhi because of the demand for these services. The costs of the tempo traveller can be found in Delhi on the Dream My Tour website.

Dream My Tour: A Rentable Luxury Tempo Traveler in Delhi

The rental of tempo travellers on rent in Delhi for groups of business has gained recognition in recent months. The booking of tempo travellers is an excellent choice for formal and non-formal trips to Delhi. What is the reason that Dream My Tour Services is the most trustworthy and reliable service provider? Dream My Tour Services is the most trusted traveller for a corporate rental company located in Delhi. This is the choice of a large majority of customers renting a time-bound online trip. They have a wide range of deals when you travel, and the amount that you pay is inclusive of all expenses for your journey. The provider of service can also provide an assist number that allows you to reach the service provider to make a complaint.

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We provide low-cost and flexible travel options for locals as well as overseas travellers and outstations. Our services are provided after careful study of customers’ feedback over a long period of time. The needs of our customers as well as the preferences of travellers have been considered in the design of all of our services. We can provide the best tempo traveller on rent in Delhi to take you on sightseeing tours in the area, along with outstation tours and airport transfers. It’s possible to hire an AC tempo traveller on rent in Delhi as well as a luxury tempo traveller on rent in Delhi who can be rented with 9 seater to 26 seater options.

We offer luxury tempo travellers for hire in Delhi, commencing in Delhi and continuing through the Taj Mahal journey to Agra. It’s a 12-seater tempo traveller available to rent in Delhi starting from Agra as well as Jaipur Tour and a 16-seater tempo traveller located in Delhi for the Agra Taj Mahal tour. The 18-seater is an elegant rent tempo traveller. A tempo traveller on rent in Delhi can be used for use in the local area in addition to visiting important tourist attractions for your whole party.


With more than 10 years of expertise in industry, business, and tourism, we offer the most effective tempo traveller on rent in Delhi, India. Hire a luxurious tempo traveller on rent in Delhi equipped with a range of seating options that are available on the internet and offline to go out with family members or on trips on pilgrimage with a skilled chauffeur. The tempo traveller on rent in Delhi comes with some unique features. In India, renting a tempo-traveller in Delhi is an absolute favourite among Indian travellers and foreign visitors too.

Dream My Travel Hire has several advantages that make it the most preferred choice to meet all types of needs for travel:

  • The most comfortable travel experience for groups Tempo Travellers are spacious and designed to take large numbers of people. They are comfortable for all the passengers in the group.
  • Affordable A Tempo car for hire is less expensive than renting a few smaller vehicles to travel with groups.
  • It’s convenient because it allows you to travel as a team. It allows for greater coordination as well as more effective communication during the journey.
  • Professional drivers well-versed in Delhi’s roads and traffic can ensure that you are safe and have a pleasant journey.
  • Multi-purpose Whatever the occasion, whether you’re planning an outing for your family, a business trip, or a weekend getaway, Tempo Travellers for Hire Delhi can be modified for various travel requirements.
  • There is lots of space for luggage Plenty of luggage space Tempo Travellers provide plenty of room for luggage. They are ideal for both short and long trips.
  • Personalization: We offer choices to modify the plans to meet your needs.
  • Cooling AC system: Our best Tempo Travellers in Delhi have air conditioning, which makes them pleasant, especially in warm weather.
  • Sightseeing: Hire a luxury tempo traveller on rent in Delhi to explore all the tourist destinations inside and outside Delhi fast and easily.
  • Memorable experiences: Traveling with tempo travellers helps to build connections between travellers, making unforgettable memories.
Tempo Traveller hire in delhi

The reason you should select Dream My Tour?

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Easy and Quick Booking
  • Quick and Simple Booking Accessible and simple policies
  • 24/7 Customer Support Provide top-quality support to our clients and aid with their problems
  • Many More Benefits

Hire tempo traveller on rent in Delhi | Dream My Tour Service

There is a wide selection of tempo travellers within our fleet, starting with 9, 12, or 16-18 and 20-seaters that are offered. The vehicles we offer are spacious and comfy, have plenty of room for legs, and have air conditioning. The luxurious 16-seater tempo traveller on rent in Delhi is the best option for four-person households. Sofas are available at the rear, which can be used for resting, as well as excellent audio systems for travellers travelling long distances. The company offers luxurious AC automobiles and standard travellers that have seating between 9 and 20. Dream My Tour is an established tempo traveller rental company based in Delhi that offers minibuses for rental available for lease, as well as tempo travellers hire in Delhi at reasonable prices. The fleet we have is of excellent quality. 

The vehicles are staffed by highly skilled, knowledgeable drivers. We guarantee our customers prompt and efficient service. Contact us to arrange your rental car within the areas of Agra, Jaipur, Manali, Shimla, Ranthambore, and several other cities. Booking the tempo-traveler is easy when you work with our service. Select the best car based on your particular specifications, like a 9-12-seater tempo traveller on rent in Delhi who can take you for trips. Transfers to airports, as well as local city excursions. There is a vast selection of options for transportation that allow you to travel over all types of travel routes for business or pleasure. According to the reason for the journey, our fleet of vehicles is readily available to hire all day or more.

Hire tempo traveller on rent in Delhi By Dream My Tour

Tempo Travellers come in different styles and capacities to seat passengers, allowing them to pick the vehicle to meet their specific needs. Hiring a tempo traveller on rent in Delhi has proven to be a roaring success due to its low cost and comfy option to travel with a group. Ideal for numerous purposes, including travel, trips to Delhi as well as corporate travel to weddings, special events, and trips to college or school. Its versatility makes it the most feasible. Find a range of different types of travel here, and pick one that is suited to your requirements.

How can I get a temporary tempo traveller hired in Delhi with the help of Dream My Tour?

 Many reasons make our luxury tempo car located in Delhi the ideal option to transport more than eight people. The other advantages of booking the 9 seater tempo traveller in Delhi or an alternative that is available to rent are:

  • Lots of luggage space
  • A large luggage space is in the rear compartment of the minibus
  • Plenty of legroom for young and old
  • Liberty to expand stops, as well as to earn points at no cost.
  • High-end audio equipment, along with TV screens
  • A variety of AC as well as non-AC vehicles
  • An ample aisle and comfortable seating arrangements
  • 24/7 support is available
  • Professional, pleasant, and reliable chauffeurs can also be tour guides.
  • Well-maintained vehicles
  • Affordable and clear tempo rates for the best tempo traveller hire in Delhi
  • Fantastic engines made by Benz, Force, and Mahindra ensure stability on challenging terrains
Tempo Traveller hire in delhi

Get in touch

We adhere to five rules to make sure you are completely safe and protected on your journey

  • Mandatory masks can be required for the entirety of
  • We supply hand soaps for each guest so that they can cleanse their hands whenever they leave.
  • Before launching the adventure, each vehicle is meticulously cleaned by our experienced.
  • At the beginning and end of any journey, everyone should make sure they’ve checked their temperature
  • Furthermore, we also provide daily newspapers, snacks, and blankets for passengers to allow them to travel around the area without having to stop at a restaurant in the vicinity. They will be secure.
  • Don’t be worried; we will help you hire Tempo Travellers in Delhi for any trip to India and guarantee that you will have the most cost-effective, secure, and efficient trip. Our goal is to please you. However, the cost of travel isn’t as important for us. We understand the need to secure your funds, which is why we concentrate on delivering a cost-effective but trustworthy service.

Learn how to unlock the guidelines to use a Temporary tempo traveller available for rent in Delhi

Tempo travel has always been an affordable and effective method of travel. In the aftermath of the most recent unlock regulations, the use of the best tempo traveller in Delhi is now an ideal method of travel for families and couples. According to the most recent information, you can travel between cities and states if you comply with several precautions.

Some of the principles you must be aware of include:

  • If you’re using the tempo transportation system that is available to tempo travellers on rent in Delhi, passengers and drivers must put on masks to protect their faces throughout the ride.
  • Hand sanitizers can be located in all vehicles.
  • The temperature tests are carried out to make sure that you’re in good hands while driving.
  • The driver is a professional driver within the vehicle.
  • The limit is 70 per cent maximum occupancy for tempo travellers.
  • If you plan to travel from Delhi up to Himachal and then back, you can take an RT-PCR test that is negative.
  • For any occasion involving your family or colleagues, hire a tempo traveller in Delhi. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling to weddings or taking a flight. You can rent the vehicle on Dream My Tour.

Best Tempo Travellers Services in Delhi

It could be used to make pilgrimage excursions or even pick-and-drops from venues for weddings or other shorter-distance or long-distance travel. It’s possible to lease the Tempo traveller through Dream My Tour for any occasion. We provide an extremely comfortable vehicle equipped with professional drivers for you to have a memorable experience in Mumbai. These are a few of the Tempo traveller hire in Delhi rental choices we have.

Tempo Traveller Service in Delhi by Dream My Tour 

Dream My Tour is the most sought-after and trusted web-based portal for tourists seeking to lease Tempo Travellers on rent in Delhi at a lower cost in comparison with other companies offering services on the marketplace. Dream My Tour is a trusted site that’s user-friendly and intuitive, based in India, and managed by a group of experienced professionals. This site is a part of Experience Tours, and, at the moment of writing, Experience Tours doesn’t need to be recognized since it has built a reputation that is well-known for meeting customers from all over the United States and worldwide. It’s the ideal location for customers coming from Delhi to book all kinds of non-luxury and luxury cars, such as buses, cars, automobiles, and temporary traveller rentals. At present, we offer cars for rental in over fifty cities in the world, including Delhi, NCR Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, and many more. The corporate headquarters is situated in Paharganj, New Delhi, so we can provide excellent tempo traveller service in Delhi and the NCR. 

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    Our top travel company in Delhi has been operating since 2013 and has been awarded for our quick and efficient, as well as hassle-free services for the rental of Tempo Travellers in Delhi and the other cities in the vicinity.

    Corporate Services

    • Events Transport Service
    • Client-Client Meetings as well as Conferences
    • Business Travel
    • Airport Pickup & Drop
    • transportation at the executive level
    • outings in collaboration with the group
    • Fun Corporate Team-Building Activities
    • Employee Transportation Services
    • Chauffeur services

    Monthly Services

    • Travel for business
    • projects with a longer-term view
    • Temporary change
    • The repair of the car
    • Travel in the seasons
    • Longer vacations
    • Flexibility

    Monthly Rental Tempo and Luxury Vehicle Service

    Tempo Travellers have automobiles equipped with multiple purposes that tend to be utilized to transport large groups. Travellers can enjoy more comfort and elegance when they book a luxury tempo traveller in Delhi. They usually come equipped with additional options, such as reclining seats, air conditioning, and entertainment technologies. These are the main benefits of renting tempo for the month, as well as luxurious car services:

    Transport for group members:

    • Comfort and convenience
    • Cost-effective
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Professional drivers
    • Branding opportunities

    What is the best way to hire an extravagant tempo traveller to Delhi?

    The price per mile charged for the tempo traveller on rent in Delhi by Dream My Tour is very cheap. Compared to an auto rental service, hiring a 9 seater tempo traveller on rent in Delhi has more legroom and is more affordable per head. If you’re travelling with your whole family, which is more than 8 people who are travelling together, it’s your best choice to pick one that can ensure your seats are comfortable. The vehicle you choose should offer enough space so you can enjoy a comfortable travel experience. Dream My Tour provides luxury tempo traveller rental in Delhi and is sure to provide you with the most relaxing trip wherever you travel. From airport pick-up and drop-off to weekend getaways, you can pick one of Dream My Tour’s tempo traveller services in Delhi that will meet your needs.

    If you’re planning to organise an outing exploring the local region, visiting or taking a trip with family or friends, or are expected to attend important events for the entire family, then the Dream My Tour tempo traveller on rent in Delhi is sure to ensure that the enjoyment of sharing a trip with your loved ones is never lost.

    There are many Tempo Travellers in Delhi

    Numerous kinds of tempo travel options can be seen all across Delhi. Toyota and Force Motors are the most famous brands used by tempo travellers on rent in Delhi. Customers may also reserve other tempo travellers. Visit the Dream My Tour website to learn how much a tempo runner costs in Delhi.

    • 12-seater tempo traveller:  This type of vehicle is ideal for taking on trips for those who prefer privacy. You could hire a 12-seater tempo traveller in Delhi with 12 seats to travel with families and loved ones. The cost per mile for these cars is 20 rupees. 
    • 15-seater Tempo Travellers: These luxury 15-seater tempo travellers in Delhi come with a beautiful design and feel. They start at the price of Rs. 50 per km.
    • 18-seater tempo traveller: 18-seater tempo travellers in Delhi are one of the most popular types. If you’re trying to decide regarding the services offered by a tempo-traveler located in Delhi at a fair price, it’s possible to hire them.
    • 20-seater tempo traveller: The 20-seater tempo traveller on rent in Delhi is an ideal choice for hosting weddings, parties, as well as other occasions. The cost per km starts at the price of 24. 


    Hire our best tempo traveller on rent in Delhi | Available 3 Categories

    Dream My Tour Services offers Maharaja One-X-1 Sofa Tempo Travellers hire in Delhi, equipped with luxury features that allow you to have a simple method of travelling on your own. It will assist in making your travel simple and fun.

    If you’re planning to travel to different regions of the globe, the first thing you need is an easy method of travel.

    To get a tempo-traveller to lease in Delhi, it is possible to reserve or lease it on the Internet using several alternatives. One of the most popular is located on Dream My Tour Services. We can offer 11, 9, and even 26-seater tempo travellers for hire in Delhi.

    Top & Luxury tempo traveller on rent in Delhi 

    There’s a wide range of travel categories that can be found in Delhi to rent. These categories will offer you the most convenient reservation and travel choices. A few options include the Deluxe tempo traveller on rent in Delhi 2×1 luxurious time traveller 2×1 Maharaja tempo traveller on rent in Delhi with 1×1 sofa and plenty more.

    How can you reserve a Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi?

    Delhi is a massive city. Traffic can get hectic in a city as vast as Delhi. Delhi has a range of choices for commuters. The local as well as metro buses may be full. In addition, these kinds of transportation can pose a risk at times. If you opt to go with a tempo-traveller rental in Delhi, it can save you both effort and time. A Tempo Traveller rental in Delhi can ensure a pleasant commute.

    When you decide to travel with tempo-travelers on rent in Delhi, it will give you the peace and privacy you desire. Tempo travellers can be an ideal choice if you are planning an excursion to Delhi with your loved ones. A lot of individuals hire the cheapest tempo traveller in Delhi to travel for work in the group they have regularly. Dream My Tour tempo traveller costs are very affordable in Delhi and are also quite affordable, as a large portion of commuters make use of the tempo traveller.

    How can you employ a temporary traveller from Delhi?

    The possibility of hiring a tempo traveller in Delhi is the quickest option to travel within Delhi’s capital city. It is an easy and simple experience, along with a quick procedure for booking. In this city, which is incredibly packed, you want to travel simply and arrive at your destination punctually If you want to get there on time, reserve a tempo traveller.

    The tempo Traveller to the Weekend Tour departing from Delhi

    Dream My Tour’ provides the luxury tempo traveller on rent in Delhi to take weekend trips Outstation is gaining popularity. A lot of individuals go on outings or picnics with friends, families, or work colleagues on weekends. It is also possible to buy famous tour packages that cater to travellers on weekends.

    Hire Top Tempo traveller on rent in Delhi for Local Sightseeing

    Experience Delhi by being a true city. Book a luxurious tempo traveller from Delhi to enjoy a truly memorable journey. You should consider an excursion to from Delhi

    Delhi during November and March to enjoy an ideal climate. See well-known locations such as the Red Fort in Delhi, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, India Gate, and numerous others. Visit Connaught Place, Palika Bazar, and Chandni Chowk to purchase souvenirs, then visit Lal Killa’s and Moti Mahal to sample local cuisine. Hire our luxurious Tempo traveller, and we will take you to the most popular attractions with ease and convenience.

    Tempo traveller for hire in Delhi that can be used for out-of-town trip

    With the assistance of Tempo Traveller hire in Delhi to the tour outstation, you can also discover stunning locations both inside and outside of Delhi when you’re there. Discover the best-kept secrets in Agra, Mathura, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, or even Jammu and Kashmir by using Delhi’s luxury tempo traveller for weekend getaways at the most affordable prices. It is also possible to organize an excursion for parents from Delhi to Haridwar with the help of a time-based car by using Dream My Tour. Discover these roads that can be explored with Dream My Tour:

    Advantages of hiring tempo Traveller for Rent in Delhi

    When you decide to hire a tempo traveller on rent in Delhi, you can benefit from several perks. It is guaranteed that you’ll reach your destination in time when you rent a tempo car within Delhi. You can carry all the things you require since the car is equipped with plenty of space to store your luggage. The driver has a lot of experience, so you won’t need to be concerned about difficulties during the peak period.

    Advantages and Benefits of our Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi

    One of the main features of a tempo traveller hire in Delhi is:

    • This is an extremely easy booking process that can be done by anyone.
    • Because there is no longer any requirement for concern about traffic or other problems, travel is more comfortable.
    • Tempo travellers are booked depending on the capacities of passengers. If you’re travelling with a group of companions, pick a 5-10 seater tempo traveller service in Delhi. However, if you’re planning an office trip or family gathering, it’s possible to choose 20-30 seats.
    •  All the drivers who are going to take you to your destination are wearing appropriate attire and have been trained.
    • The choices available in the event of booking a time-traveller can cover many factors.
    • Also, it comes with ample baggage compartments that allow you to carry all the things you need when you travel.
    • In case of any difficulties during your travels, you can immediately contact the helpline number of the business and inform them of the problem.


    What are the benefits of renting Tempo Transporter from Delhi?

    There are many advantages to hiring the services of a tempo traveller for your next journey to Delhi for your next adventure. Tempo Travellers are the most economical and effective options for travellers who are capable of carrying nine passengers in a single trip. The popularity of this model is growing every day, thanks to its exceptional qualities and contemporary versions. One of the most sought-after features offered by tempo travellers on rent in Delhi is the comfort of seating and the back seats with plenty of room. They come with head and neck restraint devices to provide maximal comfort while travelling. Additionally, the car is complete with a tempo traveller on rent in Delhi and comes equipped with AC and an electronic system music player that has plenty of storage to store bags of tourists.

    Regarding the dimensions of the car as well as the capacity of its passengers, there aren’t any cars available today that will accommodate more than seven people at once. It is possible to lease a 9-seater as well as a 26-seater tempo traveller on rent in Delhi per the number of passengers.

    In addition, you can organize a minibus or bus for your whole group on a trip; however, the tempo traveller on rent in Delhi will provide more comfort and security than a bus. If we take into account costs for hiring, tempo traveller on rent in Delhi is an economical option when you compare it with car and bus rentals in Delhi in addition to NCR cities. If you are planning reunions in schools or gatherings with friends and family, then the Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi is a better option.

    There are a variety of seating options on our minibuses

    Mini Bus and Tempo Traveller Rental in Delhi

    • 12 seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi
    • 15 seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi
    • 18 seater Tempo traveller in Delhi
    • 24 seater Tempo traveller in Delh
    • Minibus Hire in Delhi
    • Minibus of 21 seats and capacity for seating in Delhi

    Capacity of tempo traveller’s Sitting to Rent in Delhi

    Our new Tempo Travellers in Delhi can be arranged according to the different capacities of seating, which depend on the number of people travelling on the journey. There are four options for seating, which range between 60 and 80 seats. Most commonly hired tempos range from 10 to 20 seats, which is a tempo traveller for gatherings with friends or travel.

     Dream My Tour offers multi-seater tempo traveller options within Delhi. There are Maharaja tempo travellers, along with Force tempo travellers and Mahindra tempo travellers on rental in Delhi. Look through the list below of choices for a listing of alternatives

    Rent 9 to 12 seats in a tempo traveller in Delhi

    Transporters in Delhi are ideal for just a few people travelling together. There is the possibility to purchase these small-tempo travellers for family reunions, trips out with acquaintances, or any other similar occasions. If you require such requirements, Dream My Tour offers 9-seater Tempo travellers in Delhi and 10-seater Tempo travellers on rent in Delhi with a capacity of 12 seats within Delhi. Dream My Tour tempo traveller on rent in Delhi will ensure that you are relaxed and comfy, with lots of room to move around. After your trip, you’ll be able to recount amazing stories of your journey in a journal.

    Use a 15-16 seat Temporary Traveler from Delhi

    With Dream My Tour’s wide range of tempo travellers available for lease, you’ll be able to find an ideal date for your events. The 15-seater Tempo Traveller is on rent in Delhi and is an average-sized vehicle that is ideal for excursion tours, field trips, and other similar activities. The minibuses with a medium size offered through Dream My Tour have configurations including a 15-seater tempo traveller in Delhi, a 16-seater traveller in Delhi, a 18 seater tempo traveller on rent in Delhi and 24 seater Tempo traveller in Delhi.

    that are available to lease in Delhi. These minibuses have a distinct style of luxury and comfort, in addition to a fair price.

    Tempo Traveller hire in delhi
    20 seater Tempo Traveller hire in delhi

    Hire 18-20 Seater Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi

    With Dream My Tour Make sure your finances and your security are secure by traveling with Dream My Tour, big-sized tempo travellers. With this arrangement, Dream My Tour offers minibuses with 1820-seat tempo travellers on rent in Delhi and also 24 seater Tempo travellers in Delhi available for rent. These minibuses are spacious and comfortable and have an attractive design. The soft and cosy interiors, with seats that are adjustable and moveable, along with a central television and high-quality audio systems, ensure you’ll have a pleasant ride with your friends as well as your family.

    Things to know before booking the service of tempo traveller on rent in Delhi by Dream My Tour

    The main aspects to be aware of when searching for the cheapest tempo traveller in Delhi NCR  through Dream My Tour are these:

    • Dream My Tour will forward operators’ quotes via email that will let you evaluate the rates offered by tempo travellers to rent from Delhi.
    • A driver is going to take you on a tempo rental within Delhi for an affordable cost. Dream My Tour can provide an experienced driver who has a base in Delhi and has knowledge of all of the routes to travel.
    • The luxury tempo traveller on rent in Delhi to Dream My Tour starts from INR 11,000 for approximately 200 km.
    • Dream My Tour Hire has temporary tempo traveller rentals in Delhi that have a range of seating capacities, such as an 11-seater or 16-seater 12-seater, and so on.
    • It’s an option to pay for the price by using Dream My Tour online via debit or credit cards, e-wallets or other options.
    • The amenities available to travellers who are tempo travellers in Delhi include air conditioning as well as FasTag, a music system, baggage compartments, and many more.
    • Dream My Tour has added a safety+ function that will allow secure rental of tempo travellers within Delhi during the COVID outbreak. Tempo travellers who are in Delhi are cleaned up thoroughly before handing them over to you.
    • The most well-known tourist attractions in Delhi are Lodi Garden, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, and India Gate.
    • The top restaurants in Delhi are The Crude House Cafe, Mamagoto, and Pinch of Spice.

    How do I book a tempo traveller on rent in Delhi using Dream My Tour?

    It’s simple to reserve a space for the services of a tempo traveller in Delhi NCR, by making use of the Dream My Tour website. Visit the “Inquiry page.” After that, you will be able to fill in the details concerning the travel you’re making.

    • Choose the vehicle you’d like to book
    • It is possible to pay for the invoice

    The reservation has been completed. It is an efficient and simple method to reserve a vehicle via the web. Also, it is possible to make the booking by phone.

    What is the best way to book Tempo Travellers in Delhi with Dream My Tour?

    Booking a tempo traveller in Delhi can be done in a matter of just a couple of mouse clicks. Just follow these simple steps to book the tempo traveller-

    • Choose the type of trip you want to make. One-way, roundtrip, or airport transfer and local.
    • Fill in all the data.
    • Click here to discover Cabs Options.
    • Choose the vehicle which best meets your requirements and needs.
    • The number of seats reserved must not exceed six.

    Once the booking is completed, you will receive an email with a confirmation. The email following will include each information, such as the car’s number the driver’s name, information about the car and the available facilities.

    The Amenities are available to Book Tempo Travellers in Delhi

    The top tempo travellers in Delhi offer a range of facilities. It is possible to see all the services offered to temporary travellers in the Delhi page’s rental section on the Dream My Tour website. The most frequently utilized services are

    • Air Conditioners
    • Recliner Seats
    • Sanitisers
    • Space to store luggage
    • Seat Covers
    • First-aid kits
    • Water Bottles

    How do you make an appointment to book an expeditor with Dream My Tour?

    Dream My Tour facilitates the process of booking tempo travellers in Delhi NCR. Dream My Tour website.

    • Choose the “Hire a Tempo Traveller” tab and then enter the details of your journey.
    • Choose the car
    • You must make a payment for the time traveller.

    Advantages of leasing an Expeditor with Dream My Tour

    • It’s safe when compared with other modes of travel
    • Private travel is possible in the company of relatives, friends, or people you’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

    It’s possible to rent the bus with Dream My Tour online

    Perform these actions:

    • Check out Dream My Tour. Visit the Dream My Tour portal and select ‘The City Of Hire” as well as “Destination.”
    • Search the web,
    • Dream My Tour will offer the most experienced tour operator
      affordable prices
    • Make sure you’re on the right kind of bus by choosing the operator.

    The advantages of reserving a bus online

    If you make your booking online, the following advantages are available:

    • Stock and connections to the city’s top Tempo Travellers dealers
    • Zero booking fee – Transparent booking. No hidden fee
    • Be sure to check the images before making any choice


    The intriguing capital of India, Delhi, acts as a magnet for travellers from across the globe. Delhi is a perfect blend of traditional style and contemporary energy. The city will entice you with its delicious cuisine and drinks, as well as transport you to the past with its distinct Mughal architecture. At the same time, it will fill your heart with joy to be an essential part of India as a nation.

    The trip to Delhi is a trip you must not miss. Dream My Tour provides high-end and Luxury Tempo tourists who happen to be situated in Delhi Don’t miss the myriad of opportunities and events provided in India’s capital city, Delhi. Explore our recommendations for things to do in Delhi with your friends.

    What to Do in and within the immediate vicinity of the city

    Delhi is a city with many historical monuments and other destinations worth visiting. The most famous are:

    • Red Fort: This area has immense historical importance. A guide can be scheduled to accompany you while you’re there.
    • Chandni Chowk: This bazaar is known for its local stores as well as street foods. You can schedule a visit to Rohini with a tempo traveller in advance.
    • Lajpat Nagar: This location is known as an area of shopping. 

    Cheap Costs to Travel Dream My Luxury Tour with Tempo Travellers in Delhi

    If you’re travelling with more than eight people, safety will always be a concern. Dream My Tour provides Tempo Traveller service in Delhi and is specifically designed to offer the best experience at reasonable costs. It is not an additional charge for the traveller’s cost per mile, making the process of billing simple. Minibuses are big and cosy. The only aspect that differentiates the smaller and medium-sized tempo from one that is larger in dimensions is the amount of space available in the aisle. Dream My Tour offers the lowest cost for tempo travellers in Delhi. If you know about our services, please contact us at +91 9416917528. The per-mile price is free of additional costs, which makes the billing process clear when compared to hiring a tempo traveller service in Delhi. The greater the set of units, the more space there is in the aisle. In addition to our high-end services, we offer 24-hour assistance, licensed drivers, expert tour guides, a customized tour program, and well-maintained vehicles that come with a wide selection of AC and non-AC automobiles that you can select from.

    It is possible to book Tempo Travellers at Delhi Airport

    Dream My Tour offers a variety of different tempo-travel options, which include both transportation to and from Delhi Airport, at the lowest price. Also, it is possible to book tempo travellers in Delhi from airport taxis if you are travelling with a small group. Select between 9 and 16-seater AC tempo travellers based on the requirements of your passengers and book the booking through the internet. We offer the option to pick you up from the airport, transport you to your home, or do the reverse. You can enjoy a relaxed and safe trip, with extra space for all. Be assured of not having delays with Dream My Tour’s on-time pickup and drop-off service.


    Tempo traveller for hire in Delhi as well as fees for excursions beyond the metropolis

    It is possible to hire a tempo-traveller to lease in Delhi for weekend outings within Delhi as well as for longer-distance travel. Our tempo traveller in Delhi NCR  models are accessible in a variety of sizes for seating. Choose a Tempo travel company that offers tours from Delhi to Agra, Jaipur, Shimla, or Manali. There is the largest selection of cars that range from basic up to luxury Tempo travellers. Costs for hiring Tempo Travellers are based on the seats available, the services available, and the distances travelled. Here is the cost listing of tempo travellers who have outstations, along with costs per mile.

    Customer care numbers

    Call for booking tempo traveller hire in Delhi at +91 9416917528. They are available 24/7. It is also possible to utilize the chat function on the site should you have any questions about your tour.

    People search this for booking our Luxury Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi, you can search on Google for  booking your tempo traveller- 

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    FAQ Dream My Tour (Frequently Asked queries from Dream My Tour Customers)

    Q1 What's the main reason why You Should Dream My Tour is the best alternative?

    Our business is a professional service provider, Tempo Travellers in Delhi offering all-hours service to a wide range of clients, ranging from private individuals to large corporate clients. Our fleet is comprised of a wide range of vehicles that are employed for a range of services, like

    The tempo traveller on rent in Delhi hires airport transfers and pickups. Enjoy effortless airport drop-off and collection at Delhi Airport by using our Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi service. Our spacious and comfy vehicles, along with our professional chauffeurs, will ensure you have a smooth and punctual journey to and from the airport. Do not stress about the hassles of public transportation, and count on us to make sure your travel experience is pleasant.

    Hire tempo travellers in Delhi for excursions out of town. Enjoy the most comfort and ease by renting our Tempo Traveller, specially designed for long-distance trips. Air conditioning with spacious seats, as well as professional chauffeurs, ensure an effortless trip from where you’d like to travel. Take a journey with your family, colleagues, or friends without stress while enjoying stunning routes and making lasting memories. Make reservations today to experience a memorable trip.

    The railway station pickup and drop-off service is available for the luxury tempo traveller on rent in Delhi. Take a break and relax with a stress-free pickup or drop off at the train station through dependable book tempo traveller in Delhi. Your travel will be efficient and timely thanks to polite drivers who drive well-maintained cars. Take away the anxiety about arranging transportation. Allow us to handle all of the transportation requirements. Get your reservations in advance and be able to travel from your destination with ease with your baggage.

    Each car is chosen and matched to the needs of your customers. We offer vehicles that are the right fit for you, ranging from large corporate structures to those who prefer luxurious tempo travellers for leisure. You can easily book our website, our premium tempo traveller hire in Delhi.

    02 Temporary traveller seating to capacities in Delhi?

    Dream My Tour Services offers types of luxurious tempo travellers in Delhi and vehicles starting at four seats, seven seats, eight seats, a 10-seater 12-seater, 13-seater 14 14-seater with 15 seats, 46 and 26 seater buses, which are scheduled in Delhi.

    03 What are the reasons why you need to book Dream My Tour tempo travellers?

    Dream My Tour provides a range of Tempo travellers in Delhi for booking your car to take you on your journey.

    • Instant Booking Online
    • Your very own Luxury Vehicles
    • Customers are supported 24/7
    • Highly trained and knowledgeable driver
    • Safe and Secure Travel
    • Cost-effective
    Q4. Our tempo traveller on rent in Delhi fare per kilometre?

    If you’re searching for an automobile as well as Dream My Tour services, tempo travellers on all trips outside of Delhi Prices are expected to become very popular, depending on the number of travellers. The cost is calculated based on kilometres per mile as well as driver/night. state tax and toll for travel within states of all kinds, as well as parking fees, if applicable.

    Q5. What is the best time to reserve the Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi?

    If you are renting a tempo taxi, it’s recommended that you make reservations for at least a week in advance. Tempo travellers are in constant need in Delhi during various celebrations, such as weddings, corporate events, and many other occasions.

    Q6. What is the cost of a temporary Tempo Traveller in Delhi?

    In Delhi, the rental price of a 12-seater Tempo Traveller begins at 19 cents per kilometre. In the case of 16-seater travellers, rates start at 20 cents/mile.

    Q7. How can I extend my traveller's tempo service until Delhi?

    To change the booking for the traveller you are travelling with, contact us at +91 9416917528. You can modify the reservation with the assistance of our customer service staff.

    Q8. What is the maximum number of seats that will be accommodated in the Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi?

    Dream My Tour has a capacity for seating between 12 and 24 passengers, depending on what capacity you choose for the Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi that you reserve. Dream My Tour isn’t able to have 26 seats available in a tempo-traveler. If you require several seats that can be 26, we suggest you book a real bus.

    Q9. What documents are necessary to lease a tempo-traveler?

    If you are booking the Tempo Traveller service in Delhi, there is no need to present any paperwork. The easiest method to reserve is via our website, and you can book it in just 4 steps.

    Q10. What do you think about the cancellation guidelines when it comes to the rental of a Tempo Traveler?

    Passenger’s reservation for tempo until 24 hours from departure time, and at no cost to use any service offered within Delhi. If the cancellation or reduction in the duration of the trip must be requested within 24 hours of the time of arrival, the following rules will be applicable:

    • Multi-day trip The cost for each day is subtracted from the total cost, and then a refund is made to the individual who made the reservation.
    • 1-day tour or airport transfer: No reimbursement will be given to the customer.
    • Transfers from airports The airport is not subject to cancellation fees. charges for cancellations that are made at least 2 hours before the pick-up time.

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