26 Seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi

When it comes to group travel in Delhi, the choice of transportation can greatly impact the overall experience. One of the most popular and versatile options for group travel is the 26 seater tempo traveller. In this article, we will delve into the world of 26 seater tempo travellers in Delhi, exploring their features, benefits, and why they are the ideal choice for various travel needs

The Versatility of 26 Seater Tempo Travellers

1. Perfect for Large Groups

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a corporate outing, or a school trip, a 26 seater tempo traveller is the perfect choice for accommodating large groups. It offers ample space to ensure everyone travels comfortably together.

2. Spacious Interiors

These tempo travellers are designed with spacious interiors, allowing passengers to move around freely during the journey. The comfortable seating arrangements make long trips enjoyable.

3. Well-Equipped Interiors

Many 26 seater tempo travellers come with modern amenities like air conditioning, audio/video systems, and charging ports, ensuring passengers have a pleasant and entertaining journey.

4. Professional Chauffeurs

When you hire a 26 seater tempo traveller in Delhi, you also get the services of a professional chauffeur who is well-versed with the city’s routes and traffic conditions, making your journey hassle-free.

26 Seater Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi

The option of renting a tempo traveller in India is a top choice for all tourists. Travellers with kids and families typically opt for a 26-seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi. If you’re looking for the best business for affordable and top tourist attractions, then go on the India trip.

Delhi is a fantastic place that is the perfect base to take a trip to a variety of attractions in the area. When you reserve your vehicle, you’ll have to provide when you’ll be traveling as well as the time you will get to your destination by the morning before when you begin your journey. Hire a 26-seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi for long-distance travel and picnics, family vacations, or business events.

How to reserve a tempo-traveller to rent in Delhi via the experience India tour

  • If you’re looking to book a 26 tempo traveller in Delhi, you can follow these steps to book the appropriate time.
  • The initial next step is to log on to the official site of the organization to obtain the opportunity to experience an India trip.
  • When you are asked to fill out the following step, you will need to provide the details you want to know, such as your pick-up location and destination, the number of Travellers, the amount of luggage, and the reason why you’d like to reserve a temporary Traveller.
  • To find out the speed that is offered, include the start date and the date you will finish the journey to have some idea of the speed accessible during your travel.
  • If you’ve got any more questions, it’s possible to reach the support line for customer service. It can be found on the website.
  • It provides you with a complete list of tempo traveller on rent in Delhi is available, together with the price and rating of each, and you are able to choose from the options.
  • In addition, you will receive the complete terms and conditions that meet the needs of your business.

26 Seater Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi

Dream My Tour is offering 26 Seater tempo travellers on rent in Delhi in addition to alternative city tour packages. There are 26 seats in our Tempo Travellers equipped with pushbacks as well as comfortable seats. The luxury 27-seater bus available for rent has two seats, which are perfect for lengthy trips. There are several of the 26-seater Tempo Travellers available for leasing in Delhi as well as tour packages that you can hire. Create your plans for travel by getting in touch with us. We provide the necessary services required for travel, such as tempo Traveller as well as the schedule of your travel itinerary, and we can tailor it according to your preferences. A Tempo Traveler with 26 seats is the perfect alternative for a 26- or 27-person group package that includes trips to Delhi and outstation tours, including airport transfers and pickup from hotels. The bus is a modified 26-seat Tempo Traveller in Delhi, which includes 2×2 and 2×1 seating arrangements. Driver and cleaner. The inside of the bus has plenty of room for the storage of luggage in the back of the car. There is also ample space to ease the pain in your legs.

Rent Tempo Traveller is one of the most well-known Tempo Traveller Rental Award-winning companies that is located in Delhi and has been operating for the past 10 years. There are 27 seats on our luxury bus, with 26 seats. 

Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi.

The two categories have various options with different prices, beginning at around Rs. 35 per kilometre. This technique of speed travel can make the experience relaxing and memorable, which is a great alternative for trips outstation for groups of people like family, friends, and friends and relatives too.

We have 26 seats available. 26 seater Tempo Traveller for lease in Delhi and two types of Tempo Travellers with seats of 26. to hire in Delhi Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon costs

The vast dimension of Tempo Travellers offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The luxury Tempo Traveller with 26 seats belongs to this class, and it is the most expensive to lease a Tempo Traveller in Delhi. It can accommodate many people. The Tempo Traveller has extravagant interiors, recliner seating, and high-end audio equipment.

What benefits come with renting a tempo traveller in Delhi?

The ability to stretch out and have a comfy interior is essential for travelling with kids as well as older or pregnant women. With Dream My Tour’s extraordinary service of tempo travellers available for leasing, you’ll enjoy the best deals for your low cost. Furthermore, there is a reduced cost per kilometre for tempo Travellers as compared to hiring taxis or cars. When you reserve a 26 seater Tempo-Traveller in Delhi by using Dream My Tour, you can be assured of clean cars (sanitized in the event of an epidemic of COVID), along with transparent pricing and booking details, professionally-trained drivers, organized travel schedules, and, course, the best services. Additional benefits of booking a Tempo Traveler with a capacity of 26 seats include:

  • Affordable boot space
  • Flexible and customized journey experience, which includes extra locations for pickups
  • AC and different AC versions
  • with the most recent technology for entertainment
  • The most coveted and top travel option
  • 2-x2-sitting arrangements, which comprise a couch bed

A tempo traveller with 26 seats is scheduled in Delhi to go on a tour of the area.

Discover the most stunning locations in Delhi by using our magnificently assisted time-traveller. Allow the chauffeurs to take care of your needs, and you’ll have the chance to unwind and enjoy your time with your beloved family members or with a group of friends. You might hire a 26-seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi to go with you on trips. Even if it’s Delhi, you should be taking advantage of the chance to visit Jaipur, Neemrana, Ranthambore, Haridwar, Amritsar, Agra, Mathura, or Vrindavan. It is vital to go out and explore these places, which are the most comfy and convenient for tempo Travellers with 26 seats to hire within Delhi. At a reasonable cost per mile for a time traveller, you won’t compromise the standard of your travel.


26 Seater Tempo Traveller sits under a larger-sized Tempo Traveller, which is large in seating as well as comfy. It’s an excellent alternative to travel, which is inexpensive and comfortable. We are the most reliable travel agency located in Delhi. The main focus of our business is always on providing high-quality services, friendly conduct, a professional manner, and an open-price policy. Through consistent transportation and service for travel, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the leading tour businesses throughout India. Don’t waste time and choose from our extensive assortment of rental cars that cover a variety of areas, from rental buses for car rentals as well as renting tempo travellers. Our selection of 26 seater tempo travellers is unique and available in budget and high-end models that provide versatility to our customers.

For long-distance travel like Delhi to Varanasi as well as Rajasthan tours, 26 Seater Tempo Travellers in Delhi is the ideal choice due to its stylish design and extravagant features. The powerful cooling system in the vehicle makes Travellers forget about hot and polluted air, and entertainment options ensure that you are entertained while long journeys make you feel more spacious.

  • Customers require transportation solutions for either private or business reasons. Our goal is to offer Travellers who frequently travel reasonable prices while also taking into consideration the potential for unexpected expenses that may arise, which can deter Travellers from travelling. We are a reputable presence. We offer tour packages across North India with verified tempo Travellers and security measures. We provide a tempo bus with 26 seats. Tempo Traveller service in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Manali, Shimla etc. as well as a team of highly experienced

Dream My Tour provides all types of tempo travellers in Delhi and all over India-


Advantages of Choosing a 26 Seater Tempo Traveller

1. Historical Sites

Delhi is rich in history, and with a 26 seater tempo traveller, you can visit iconic landmarks such as the Red Fort, India Gate, and Humayun’s Tomb with ease.

2. Cultural Experiences

Explore the vibrant culture of Delhi by visiting places like Chandni Chowk, Dilli Haat, and the Lotus Temple, all accessible when you hire a tempo traveller.

3. Shopping Extravaganza

Delhi is a shopper’s paradise, and with your group, you can shop for traditional Indian handicrafts and textiles at markets like Sarojini Nagar and Janpath.


In conclusion, choosing a 26 seater tempo traveller for your group travel needs in Delhi is a wise decision. Its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience make it an ideal choice for exploring the city’s rich heritage, culture, and attractions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I book a 26 seater tempo traveller in Delhi?

Booking a 26 seater tempo traveller is easy; you can contact local travel agencies or use online platforms to make reservations.

2. Are tempo travellers in Delhi air-conditioned?

Yes, many tempo travellers in Delhi come equipped with air conditioning to ensure passenger comfort, especially during the hot summer months.

3. What is the seating capacity of a 26 seater tempo traveller?

As the name suggests, a 26 seater tempo traveller can comfortably accommodate 26 passengers.

3. What is the seating capacity of a 26 seater tempo traveller?

As the name suggests, a 26 seater tempo traveller can comfortably accommodate 26 passengers.

4. Can I hire a tempo traveller for a one-day trip in Delhi?

Absolutely! Many rental agencies offer tempo travellers for both short and long trips, including one-day excursions in Delhi.

5. Is it possible to customize the itinerary when hiring a 26 seater tempo traveller?

Yes, most rental agencies allow you to customize your travel itinerary to visit specific attractions and locations of your choice.