12 seater Tempo Traveller hire in delhi

20 Seater Tempo Traveller

Seat : 20 Passengers + 1 Driver

Starting Fare Per Km : Rs 26

Driving Charges : Rs. 500/- (Per Day)

Minimum PerDay K.m Charges: 250 K.m (Per Day) Extra All Tax, Parking

Facility : AC, Push back Seat, Music system

20 Seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi

The majority of Travellers travelling in large numbers opt to take the tempo bus, which has 20 seats inside Delhi. If you plan to visit cities nearby, you can reserve a low-cost Tempo car rental through Dream My Tour. Dream My Tour has established relationships with reliable operators that provide the 20 seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi. Booking on the internet is quick and easy. Booking can be done from any location.

Unlock Rules for Renting a 20 Seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi

A tempo limo with 20 seats available for leasing in Delhi will allow you to move easily and in a safe manner. Prior to booking your trip to Delhi, it’s critical to comprehend the following advice.

  • Traveling in a safe and secure manner is vital. There is the option of hiring an auto with 20 seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi in order to take a trip independently.
  • Certain areas with high risks remain under lockdown for a short period of time.  
  • The nightlife scene in Delhi is coming to an end in the evenings because of the curfew, which starts at 10 p.m. and will continue until 5 a.m. every day. The restrictions were imposed in order to stop the spread of the disease as well as to avoid crowds on the roads and in other public spaces.
  • Face masks are a fundamental element of our daily lives in Delhi. Additionally, it is recommended to clean your hands regularly.
  • Tourist attractions are all closed.
  • A lot of people take buses to Himachal Pradesh, which depart from Delhi. It is feasible to rent the 20 seater Tempo Traveller on rental in Delhi in order to take a trip to Himachal. There is no need to have an RT-PCR certification to gain entry into Himachal.
  • The driver will be given the car with tempo seats that are available for lease in Delhi.

What’s the rationale for hiring a 20 seater Tempo Traveller for Delhi?

The possibility exists of renting the tempo-Traveller that has 20 seater Tempo Traveller rent in Delhi via Dream My Tour for your travel needs. This will let you cut back on costs per passenger when traveling with a group of people. Another benefit of making a reservation is that the tempo-traveller’s journey produces fewer greenhouse gases compared with other transportation options. The cost of hiring a Tempo Traveller 20 seater for rent in Delhi through Dream My Tour is much lower than the cost of a rental car or airfare.

A variety of different 20-seater types Tempo Travellers are available in Delhi

Dream My Tour offers several different kinds of tempo travellers to clients. The company provides a Tempo Traveller for rent in Delhi when you’ve evaluated various firms as well as their services. The best 20-seat Traveller tempos booked through Delhi with Dream My Tour are as follows:

  • 20-seat AC Tempo Traveller Prices start at INR 20/KM.
  • 20-seater Tempo Traveller with AC It starts at INR 22 each km.
  • Twenty-seat Tempo Traveller Force. It starts at INR 21 per KM.

There is a variety of amenities in a 20-seater tempo-Traveller that departs from Delhi

A temporary vehicle that can accommodate a 20 seater Tempo Traveller for hire in Delhi, available via Dream My Tour, is equipped with the most basic facilities. Dream My Tour lets you look at the options offered by any 20-seater travel tempo prior to hiring it.

Benefits of renting a 20 seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi with Dream My Tour

The advantages of hiring a tempo-Traveller that has 20 seats in Delhi by Dream My Tour are listed in the table below:

  • It’s an option to compare rates prior to taking the time to reserve the 20 seater Tempo traveller rental.
  • Photos of the vehicle are taken through Dream My Tour before booking it.
  • It’s possible to hire an AC or non-AC Traveller (20 seats) in Delhi by using Dream My Tour.
  • A tempo-Traveller with 20 seats that are available for rent in Delhi can help reduce travel costs.
  • The variety of features on a tempo-Traveller that has 20 seats that are available to rent in Delhi makes it much easier to unwind on your journey.

What do you need to be aware of prior to booking a Tempo-Traveller with 20 seats for hire in Delhi by Dream My Tour Hire?

Hire a 20-seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi with Dream My Tour Hire. These are the most important points that you should be aware of

  • Use Dream My Tour Hire to make reservations for a Tempo-Traveller that has 20 seats available for hire in Delhi by logging in your details and selecting the type of travel you want to take, either local or outstation airport. 
  • Dream My Tour then determines the best alternatives and gives you a quote, which includes competent drivers, knowledgeable drivers, and cars that are appropriate to your specific needs.
  • Prices for local tours start at Rs. 5,000 (4hour 40km ) package. This cost will be determined by the price per mile or hour, which includes the beta of the driver.
  • Make use of the View Vehicles choices to see photos of the 20-seater travellers on rent in Delhi and the options available. Dream My Tour collaborates with the best operators to guarantee the top quality you’re looking for.
  • Dream My Tour believes in transparency and honesty and has no additional booking charges.
  • The cars are kept safe and clean. They come with pushback seating and storage compartments for luggage, AC and non-AC versions, as well as others. The amenities vary based on the vehicle you select, and it is important to know the details of the car prior to booking it for your trip.
  • There is an option to book excursions outstations for Agra and Mathura or plan prayers with your loved ones to Haridwar.
  • When you lease a 20-seater rental Tempo traveller in Delhi, it is possible to enjoy total peace and privacy when you travel with your family and friends, in addition to family members and colleagues.

Our 20-seater luxury tempo travellers in Delhi fall into the class of big-sized tempo travellers that work well for larger groups of travellers. If you plan to go to ceremonies, weddings, pilgrimage tours, or long excursions, the two-seater 20×1 luxury Tempo Traveller is a great option. It has comfortable seats and spacious interiors. In addition to many other excellent amenities. A seamless journey is all you need to take back to your home with our feature-packed automobile.

Delhi is a great place to go for possibilities to explore and plans to explore. Delhi is easy to connect with various cities in the region. Therefore, when you want to explore Delhi and its surrounding regions, it is crucial to take advantage of a stylish 20 seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi.

Benefits of hiring a 20 seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi by Dream My Tour

Delhi is one of the biggest and largest cities, offering a variety of options for traveling, but for a more personalized journey or for some time on the road, a vehicle that is private is an ideal option. Delhi is an important hub for students, as well as foreign and domestic medical tourists, corporate delegates, tourists, businesses, and political groups. All require the use of a vehicle that is more comfortable, as well as a sensible price.

Hire 20 seater Tempo Traveller In Delhi :

  • The most difficult time for pandemics, Tempo traveller is the most effective method to be using to make sure that you are following the guidelines for social distancing.
  • Beware of congestion on roads.
  • An unwinding, relaxing excursion
  • Total transparency regarding charges
  • The choice of the car you own
  • And different AC versions are readily available.

Tips to take into consideration when booking an overnight trip with 20 seater tempo traveller in Delhi

  • Check all the information regarding their services as well as the price offered by the company providing them.
  • Find the car that you’ve booked in accordance with the quote price


    What is a 20 Seater Tempo Traveller?

    A 20 seater tempo traveller is a spacious and comfortable mode of transportation designed to accommodate large groups of travelers. These vehicles are specially equipped with modern amenities to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience.

    1. Ample Seating Capacity

    One of the primary advantages of a 20 seater tempo traveller is its seating capacity. With enough room to comfortably seat up to 20 passengers, it’s an ideal choice for big groups.

    2. Spacious Interiors

    These tempo travellers are designed with spacious interiors, allowing passengers to move around freely during the journey. You won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable, even during long trips.

    3. Entertainment Facilities

    To keep everyone entertained throughout the journey, 20 seater tempo travellers are equipped with various entertainment options, including TV screens, music systems, and charging ports.

    4. Air Conditioning

    Traveling in comfort is essential, especially during the hot summer months. These vehicles come with efficient air conditioning systems to ensure a pleasant temperature inside, regardless of the weather outside.

    5. Professional Drivers

    Experienced and courteous drivers are provided with 20 seater tempo travellers. They are well-versed in navigating different routes, ensuring a safe and smooth journey for passengers.

    6. Luggage Space

    Don’t worry about fitting all your luggage. These vehicles offer ample storage space, making it easy to carry your belongings without any hassle.

    The benefits that a person can get as a tempo-traveller to rent in Delhi in the context of the India trip are:

    A 20-seater vehicle is able to accommodate large groups or families in one vehicle. Your trip will be memorable. It is advised to reserve a 20-seater transporter for an event at the college picnic or for a business gathering. Some also make reservations for 20 seater Tempo Travellers in Delhi that have more capacity to accommodate wedding receptions.

    It’s going to have comfortable and cozy pushbacks as well as cushions that are lavish and have enough legroom so that they could provide comfort for older adults and young children.

    The price of booking a large time slot will always be affordable, especially when travelling with large numbers. You can benefit from discounts when you book ahead of time. The price of your booking will be able to cover everything, making for a low-cost travel experience.

    The majority of the cars we provide include audio systems, LCD displays, and air conditioning. Air conditioning can be an excellent option for 20 seater Tempo Travellers in Delhi who are traveling during the winter season and don’t need air conditioning. You can select a different option that doesn’t come with the AC Tempo.

    The glass can be rearranged and has windows. You’ll enjoy a stunning view as you walk.

    It is an unforgettable experience to be in uniform while on the field. The driver is equipped with the information needed to reach their destination and will be aware of the highways and roads being traveled.

    Luxury 20-seater tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi 

    We provide 20-seater Tempo Travellers to rent in Delhi, as well as 4 different kinds of 20-seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi.

    • Standard Tempo Traveller with 20 Seats.
    • Deluxe Tempo Traveller with 20 Seats.
    • Elegant Tempo Traveller with 20 Seats.
    • Maharaja Tempo Traveller with 20 Seats.

    Tempo Traveller in Delhi is available for hire. In a Tempo Traveller, you can rent 20 seats based on your needs and budget. It is the most straightforward way to travel in Delhi, India.

    The vehicle is a fully loaded Tempo Traveller with 20 seats, starting at prices of just Rs. 22 per k.m. The cost is very good. You can book any time, as we’re always accessible via our customer service number. for reservation related queries. Other assistance is needed in the course of his journey.

    instant confirmation reservation for a 20-seater Tempo Traveller rental in Delhi by Outstation because we understand the requirements of customers. If you have a birthday between 19 and 20, then the ideal option for a 20-seater car rental is to select one of our Tempo Traveller that provides complete comfort and safe travel.

    It is our pleasure to help you compare the three types of 20-seater Tempo Traveller with regard to features and cost. After that, you can reserve this Tempo Traveller for the Outstation from Delhi.

    Available for all types of tempo traveller on rent in Delhi:

    When to Choose a 20 Seater Tempo Traveller

    1. Family Vacations

    Planning a family vacation with a large extended family? A 20 seater tempo traveller is the perfect choice to ensure everyone travels together comfortably..

    2. Corporate Retreats

    For corporate outings, team-building events, or conferences, these tempo travellers offer a convenient mode of transportation for employees.

    3. School Excursions

    For corporate outings, team-building events, or conferences, these tempo travellers offer a convenient mode of transportation for employees.

    4. Group Tours

    Whether you’re exploring a new city or going on a sightseeing tour, these vehicles make group travel hassle-free and enjoyable.

    4. Group Tours

    Whether you’re exploring a new city or going on a sightseeing tour, these vehicles make group travel hassle-free and enjoyable.

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    In conclusion, a 20 seater tempo traveller is the ultimate solution for group travel needs. Its ample seating capacity, spacious interiors, entertainment facilities, air conditioning, professional drivers, and luggage space make it a top choice for various occasions. When you opt for a 20 seater tempo traveller, you’re not just booking transportation; you’re ensuring a memorable and comfortable journey for everyone in your group


    How do I book a 20 seater tempo traveller for my trip?

     You can easily book a 20 seater tempo traveller through travel agencies or online platforms specializing in group transportation services.

    Are these vehicles safe for long journeys?

     Yes, these tempo travellers are designed for long-distance travel and come with all the necessary safety features.

    Can I request specific amenities on board?

    Absolutely! Many service providers allow you to customize the amenities based on your group’s preferences.