The 10 Tour Places in Mumbai The Most Popular Tourist Attractions

The popular tourist destinations in Mumbai can be divided into three main categories: British colonial architecture, functional modern buildings, and places of worship. We have identified 10 of the most popular spots to see around Mumbai.

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1. Gateway of India

The design that is Gateway of India Gateway of India blends Hindu and Islamic designs, which illustrates the diversity and interconnectedness of Indian religions. The Gateway was constructed in honor of Queen Mary as well as the British monarch King George V and Queen Mary.

2. Chhatrapati-Shivaji Terminus

It was designed to commemorate fifty years of Queen Victoria The station had an amazing Gothic design that mixed the classic Indian style with contemporary Indian. It’s among the most beautiful buildings and is an incredibly popular tourist attraction in Mumbai.

3. Dhobi Ghat

It’s a facility for laundry for those who are poor in Mumbai, where every kind of person’s clothing is to be washed by hand. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to watch the way people clean and dry their clothes.

4. Dharavi Slum

The slum is located in the middle of Mumbai, close to the Mumbai International Airport “Dharavi” is the most populated urban slum in Asia and is the second largest globally. It’s an essential tourist attraction within Mumbai where you can observe the huge gap between the richest and the least fortunate.

5. Prince Wales Museum

The museum was created by British architects who designed The Gateway of India, which was constructed during the sixteenth century. It is an edgy Muslim style that incorporates Hindu, Islamic, and European elements. The museum houses items from all periods of India and is an essential tourist attraction in Mumbai.

6. Elephanta Caves

The cave is situated in the northwest of Mumbai It was built from 450-750 BC and is classified in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as an iconic tourist spot within Mumbai. There are five caves accessible to visitors, of which the Shiva temple is the most popular to explore. The caves are sculptures that were devastated by the Portuguese, in addition to the process of weathering and many other reasons. Numerous caves were destroyed and damaged, but tourists can still take a look at the stunning artwork.

7. University of Mumbai

It’s among the top schools that are situated in India. The building on campus is decorated in a classic Gothic style. The entire campus is dotted with beautiful palm trees. 

8. Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach

It’s an excellent location for those who prefer to stroll around. A lot of residents enjoy walking around the park as well as at the beach in the late evening.

9. Ajanta Caves

The website is referred to as the “Louvre of India” and is listed as a World Heritage site. It is famous because of its incredible Buddhist art as well as its stunning carving and art.

10. Bollywood Film City, Mumbai

Bollywood is thought of as the heart of Indian cinema. Visitors can take part in the Bollywood day tour and see the making process of their films.

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