10 Top Places to Visit in and Around Manali

Manali, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is among India’s most thrilling locations for adventure tourism. Manali is an excellent place to unwind and take in the scenery, and many of the locations there provide a wide range of exciting adventure opportunities nearby.

But a lot of the activities and sights in Manali can be extremely risky, particularly when there are emergencies like landslides or extreme weather like inundation. To be prepared for any place you’re going in the region, ensure you are aware of the weather conditions and road conditions before embarking on your journey.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is located just 30 minutes from Manali and is a popular destination for tourists in the winter months for its snow and during the summer for its thrilling adventures.

The Gondola transports visitors 1.3 km until they reach the pistes. When the snow melts, the paragliding activity becomes increasingly popular. But keep in mind that paragliding has no regulation and poses safety hazards (people have been killed in the last few years).

Additionally, a majority of visitors to Solang Valley opt out of looking for adventure and instead explore the history of Solang Valley by taking an excursion towards the Shiva temple, which is located in the middle of Solang Valley’s villages. If you’re unwilling to climb the mountain, you could go for a ride on a horse.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is an extremely popular trip for day trips within Manali’s vicinity. Manali, however, congestion could make it difficult to get to the place. The drive can take between 2 and 3 hours from Manali town. Due to its elevation of 4000m (13,000 feet), it’s often prone to storms and weather catastrophes. The most common thing people do in Rohtang Pass is to clear snow, in particular when it’s eliminated from other places. However, the practices for managing waste are not sufficient, and facilities for visitors do not exist. Visitors have to request permission at least an hour before the day they want to travel there.

If you do get close to Rohtang Pass, you’ll find a variety of winter sports that you can enjoy, which include snow. It has the spring thought as the origin of the Beas River. Beas River.

Beas River

The large Beas River flows rapidly through Manali and has a myriad of possibilities for outdoor sports on its waterways as well as on the river’s bank. Due to the rapid river flow, it can be very dangerous for anyone with even an excellent level of expertise, particularly after the melting of snow in the spring and the increased levels of water. Tourists are advised to stay clear of crossing the river between March and April due to the risk of flooding.

If you’d prefer to be active while visiting Kullu Valley, you can take part in rafting through the Beas River, zip-lining (flying the animal) across it, or rafting, among the top options. There’s a range of operators that operate in Kullu Valley that offer rafting. The most suitable time to raft is the middle of April and June, between mid-September and the end of October. These trips are conveniently scheduled from Manali.

Old Manali

At the top of the hill, located in the bustle and chaos of Manali town, lies the tranquil Old Manali town. old Manali with a plethora of homes built by the traditional.

Old Manali is a peaceful area to travel in, as the main road that runs through it is lined with cafés Guesthouses, cafes, and smaller stores are the perfect way to relax and watch all the world’s happenings within the quickness of a blink. At the high point of the hill is the Manu temple, which is dedicated to God’s Sage Manu, who was the first being created by God according to Hindu theology. The view is well worth the long and beautiful climb to the summit.

Hadimba Temple

As you head toward Old Manali to visit the historic Hadimba temple (also called Dhungri temple), take some time to explore the Dhungri jungle. The temple was an edifice with four levels and was built in 1553. It is also adorned by wood exterior carvings. It’s dedicated to the goddess Hadimba, who is believed to be the wife of Bhima, who is the protagonist of the Mahabharata. Hindu epic, the Mahabharata.

A ride on a yak and huge fluffy Angora bunnies waiting to pose for photographs are among the other things to do in the vicinity. 

Manali Nature Park

If you’re fond of immersing yourself in the world of nature, it is a must to walk through the forests of cedar that are part of Manali Nature Park, situated in Manali.

The magnificent trees in Manali Nature Park create an effective shield against the exterior, creating an atmosphere of mystery in a nature-inspired setting. The park is similarly situated, Van Vihar Park, which includes an entrance close to Manali town, if you’re planning to continue your adventure through the splendor of nature within Manali. Manali area following a hike in the Manali Nature Park.


A favorite hangout spot for tourists that offers guest houses at an affordable price. Vashist lies roughly ten minutes uphill from the town of Manali, India, to the other side of the Beas River.

If you’re seeking alternatives to conventional therapies such as Reiki massages, past-life regression, Tarot, and past-life regression, there’s an excellent Reiki establishment in the region. There are regular religious retreats offered throughout the entire year. Some of the most popular activities are temples and hot springs.

Jogini Waterfall

A relaxing and beautiful walk through the hills of Vashist will take you down the hill to Jogini waterfall. The waterfall doesn’t look spectacular; however, relaxing in the cool water is refreshing, and the surroundings are breathtaking. There are a few guesthouses, restaurants, and small eateries in the area, meaning you can take a break and have a delicious evening dinner before or following a refreshing bath in the turquoise water that flows from Jogini Waterfall. Jogini waterfall.

Buddhist Temples

It’s a small Tibetan colony that lies in the southern part of Manali town. It’s worth a visit for its peaceful and tranquil Buddhist temples and stores that offer Tibetan crafts and textiles. Its temple is known as the Himalayan Nyinmapa Gompa, where you can find a huge golden sculpture depicting Lord Buddha. It is a stunning temple that is lit up during the night.

Gelukpa Cultural Society Gompa, situated farther down the street, has a stunning prayer hall decorated with tiny sculptures. It is decorated with colorful paintings. Inside, there is a huge Buddha statue. The temple is home to an inventory of Tibetan martyrs killed between 1987 and 1989 due to Tibetan tensions.

The Mountains

The majority of visitors base themselves in Manali and visit the mountains that surround it.

If you’re not ready to explore independently, then you can take a guided tour. The Himalayan Trails located in Old Manali have a broad range of outdoor activities, like day hikes with guided treks as well as guidebooks. The Himalayan Caravan Adventure is extremely recommended for adventures and outdoor walks like day hikes or climbing on rocks. The rafting.

If you’re looking to experience a bit more excitement, you can go to the Himalayas by bike! Hampta Pass is a well-known five-day adventure beginning at Manali and requires unbeatable fitness.